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Sunday brunch

We used to have pancakes for Sunday brunch fairly regularly in our household. This hasn’t been the case for quite some time.

This morning when I woke up to the horrendous storm that was battering us outside (not your typical summer weather at all), and that feeling of trepidation because we all start back at work in the morning, my mind wandered to the beautiful fresh red strawberries sitting in our fridge. I knew exactly how I wanted to serve them – roasted. Their flavour becomes more intense and the smell of roasted strawberries is intoxicatingly divine.

“Anyone feel like pancakes with roasted strawberries?” I asked.

Guess what the response was?

Despite having to adapt my pancake recipe so that it is now dairy free, the final outcome was delicious. As I looked at our plates of food the reality of being blessed overwhelmed me. It is these simple moments of preparing and sharing food with those you love and who love you that we need to treasure and not take for granted. I am constantly being reminded of how many people in our world don’t get to experience this joy. I also need to remember that I am lucky to have a job to go to in the morning when many don’t. I find it easy to forget these things and focus on what’s wrong, as opposed to what is right in my world.

Changing the way we see and interpret moments like these is something simple we can all do to help us get through each day. There is intense power in being open to different perspectives and changing our thoughts. My simple food experience this morning nurtured both my physical body and my soul.

29. Every day eat, drink, rest, work, exercise, play, love, create for your own good. And the good of others.
35. Every day focus on what matters to you.
46. Every day you can change your thoughts.

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