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Back to work

Our office has been closed over the Christmas/New Year holiday period. It re-opened today. As I walked into the building this morning I had this feeling of dread in the pit of my stomach. I wasn’t ready to go back but I had no more annual leave available. I have spent the last two weeks trying to unwind from the stresses of last year and just as I was beginning to relax and enjoy my time away it was suddenly all over for another year. So this morning I had to work hard on motivating myself to get back into the usual routines and improve my attitude. This task was made even harder by the glorious weather we woke to – a brilliant blue sky with the sun beaming down on us. It was such a pleasant relief after the days of endless rain and gale force winds we have been experiencing. This morning I wanted to be outside playing instead of being inside a dark concrete building with other people who wished they were elsewhere as well.

I had to laugh at one of the newspaper headlines that caught my attention when I got to the office: How to avoid the office back-to-work blues. Top of the list is to plan your next holiday!

And the tune that was playing in my head all day … from the Golden Records LP Favorite Songs From Walt Disney Motion Picture Hits, Hi Ho, Hi Ho (It’s Off To Work We Go).

26. Every day take action. Every small step counts.
28. Every day you will be tested.
48. Every day there are things you can’t change. You can change the way you think about them and deal with them.


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