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How to have the time of your life

These dogs are relaxing just outside the Garage Project in Aro Valley. Garage Project is one of the local successes in the current resurgence of small scale breweries. On a warm day, stopping by to sample and then buy a litre or two from their interesting range of beers can have a very civilising effect on your soul.

And that is how you have the time of your life.

Relaxing, small scale, sampling, calm, civilised, being with friends and family.

Not running around yapping and barking at every little thing that goes past.

I’ve done that before.

It was horrible. So unproductive – worse – exhausting and actually destructive.

Have the time of your life, by taking (and having) the time. Good beer shouldn’t be rushed. Thankfully.

04. Every day is an opportunity to cultivate the promise of the future.
05. Every day is now. The present moment.
21. Every day seek the support of others. You are not alone.

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