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Random acts…

I don’t believe in random.

There is, however, the highly unexpected.

I didn’t have a great day at work today. It wouldn’t be strategic for me to say where or why, but it wasn’t great, and the end of the work day could not have come soon enough.

I’ve been thinking all day about my new year’s resolution, which was to have a year of art. I don’t really even know what that means, but I determined that this year I was going to see and do more art. Apart from the cash flow, my day job isn’t conducive to making art of any kind.

We get home.

I’ve got plans to make dinner; I’m on a mission.

Out of the corner of my eye I spot a big, white box; thoroughly secured with ‘fragile’ tape, and addressed to me.

Curiouser and curiouser.

Marica immediately wants to know what I’ve bought. I’m mystified.

I slit my way into the box and find a beautiful glass flask from my hot glass artist friend, Michael. I was overwhelmed and my day was transformed.

My quick photo barely begins to capture the subtle golds and red tones, and the delicate bubble-like feel of the flask. It’s almost like looking into some distant galaxy – all stars and swirls.

Beautiful. Not random, but very unexpected and very gratefully accepted. Thank you Mike.

I had the opportunity to learn some basics in hot glass a few months back, and Mike was my tutor/facilitator. He’s probably one of the best natural teachers I’ve ever seen, and I speak with some expertise in these matters. In the last year Mike has really expanded out his coloured glass portfolio, it is exquisite. Please take a few moments to see for yourself – michaelwaysmith.com.

09. Every day learn something new.
10. Every day connect with somebody.
21. Every day seek the support of others. You are not alone.

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