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Under African skies

Today was a beautiful sunny day, and the sky was about as blue as it gets. I couldn’t wait to get out of the office at lunchtime and makes some photos. For some reason I kept thinking of Africa, and Paul Simon’s song.

That’s about as near to Africa as I’m ever likely to get. The Africa I imagine only exists in my mind. I’m sure the various countries, and the myriad of people occupying the continent bear little similarity to the illusions I hold in my head.

But isn’t that the way?

We have impressions of places that are totally unrealistic. We want it to be like this (or that) but it rarely is like it. The impressions are based on a fraction of a second for a still photograph, or millions of fractions of seconds if we’re watching video or film footage. Once captured, preserved for some time, but the reality has gone forever.

I’m living in a jewel of a city, on the edge of the Pacific, in a country that has become a film set for Tolkein stories. People from around the world travel here to see the magic. I’m here. I can’t see the magic. I sit at my day desk, and think of Africa. Some mystical place that doesn’t exist.

And that’s how the world goes round. We’re all want something, somewhere else, that doesn’t actually exist.

05. Every day is now. The present moment.
34. Every day focus on your dreams.
35. Every day focus on what matters to you.

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