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Feeling flabulous

Some days just leave you with just a little less bounce than you might’ve imagined, or wanted.

Maybe the sun isn’t shining as it should/could, maybe you haven’t eaten enough of the right nutrients, exercised enough, slept enough, blah-blah-blah enough. As if it was your fault or something.

I don’t know what 100% of the answer is for others, but I do have a few clues about me, and what I need to think and do.

What you can do, especially if you are a creative person who thinks they might be suffering from the equivalent of writer’s block, is do nothing. That’s right. Do nothing. Stop trying to force out some creative response. Instead, I suggest take a nap. A bath. A bus to the other side of town. Relax. Do nothing.

It’s what nature would do. It’s even biblical – there’s a season for everything. You need to do the right thing in the right season. When it’s time to rest, do so. Be flabulous. Prepare yourself to burst out in the Spring.

And when that time comes again, don’t hold back. Leap from the mountaintops, run and sing, take action. Now is the time!

04. Every day is an opportunity to cultivate the promise of the future.
08. Every day choose to bring about change.
19. Every day make time for yourself.

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