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Sea of madness

I noticed the ducks seemed to be swimming in a sea of verdant spring growth today.

The idea was just the kind of tonic I needed after a morning where I felt as though I was swimming in a sea of madness. I’m open to some frivolity, a bit of silly, even a smattering of stupidity every now and again; but the sea of madness, day in and day out can be just too much the withstand.

Some of us work out coping techniques, while some of us just don’t and we become sidelined on the superhighway to … to where again? And that’s the guilty secret – we spend a good deal of time – our working life – pursuing a kind of shared madness seeking tangible expressions of security and happiness. By the time we figure it out we’re insecure and unhappy. Or elderly. Maybe dead.

What an insane trade-off.

06. Every day you make choices.
12. Every day love yourself.
23. Every day retain your personal power. It belongs to you. No one else.

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