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A widening in the road

Our plans for Christmas have changed. The plan was we spend a couple of nights in Turangi on the way to Auckland, and we celebrate Christmas with our family in Auckland. In Turangi we paddle around in the hot mineral pools, and relax.

Oh, the plans we make.

The hot pools have been closed for maintenance since August – apparently the renovation was far more extensive than was originally planned for. No paddling for us. We went to see the trout hatchery at 15:30; and spent about 10 minutes looking at the trout in part of the stream that feeds the hatchery. We then found the hatchery now required an entry fee (it used to be free) and it closed at 16:00. I’m always interested to look at fish, but really? $40 for 20 minutes? A bit much for a few trout. Perhaps if they’d thrown in some nice smoked trout…

Meanwhile Damian, already immune-compromised, was sneezing off a cold, and when we reflected on the message that the youngest member of the family had come out in chicken pox, we were faced with a somewhat painful decision. Rather than risk further infection, we decided to drive back home.

It’s always a trauma changing plans – not only our plans, but those of friends and family. We knew we were doing the right thing, but we felt so bad about it. You can’t just say, “Oh well, there’s always next year” because there isn’t. We only go this way once. Was this a good idea or bad? What’s the best thing to do?

I think call it and do it. Painful though it may be, it’s better to take action.

And so we find ourselves on what seems the first summer’s day on the side of the road at a fruit and vege stall buying strawberries. Blueberries. Boysenberries. Well, hey, tomorrow is Christmas we have to make plans and make it work. Right?

06. Every day you make choices.
07. Every day making no choice is a choice.
27. Every day pain is a sign of growing.

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