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Find your own light

Until today I hadn’t left the house since Christmas Eve. I have loved the simplicity of these precious days with my husband, daughter and son. There is something to be said for slow living. It is so uncomplicated and really good for the soul.

The reality is that all good things come to an end at some point. The clock watching and rushing around began this afternoon for me when I had to go to the airport to pick up my parents who were returning home after spending Christmas in Auckland with my sisters and their families.

Upon arriving back to my home the first thing I did after getting out of the car was to go and check our mailbox. I wasn’t expecting anything to be in there but felt compelled to check. To my surprise I discovered three items waiting for us. They must have been there quite a few days because two of the letters had been nibbled away at by something (we suspect it was snails because we have found these little culprits in there at other times). When my daughter opened her mail it had a hole in it. This caused a lot of hilarity. The third item was fortunately not as tasty because it was in pristine condition. This item was something special – the 10th issue of the Fleur Wickes Monthly Paper. Receiving these papers each month from Fleur is always a highlight. I love opening them up because they are always packaged beautifully. In many respects opening these monthly papers is like opening a present. I put this month’s paper down because I had to go and prepare our evening meal – my parents were joining us for dinner and as usual I was behind on getting things ready. I wanted to cherish the opening process so I was prepared to wait.

After my parents had left I sat down with the folded paper in front of me. Beneath the address was written, All the stars in the sky shine bright. As I turned it over to begin the unwrapping process I saw a note written to me on the brown packaging tape – Marica, I have dedicated this entire issue to you. With Love, F. I was stunned and deeply touched. As I slowly unfolded each of the elements in this month’s paper, I spent time reflecting on the images and Fleur’s words. I was overwhelmed by the synchronicity of the focus of this issue and it’s dedication to me. The other day I wrote here about my Christmas wish for all of us being that each of us finds a way for our light to shine. Fleur has written about the same thing in one of her art works:

All the stars in the sky shine bright
and so do YOU
You just gotta find your OWN LIGHT.
For MS/FWMP#10/December 2014/FW

Thank you Fleur for your loving gift. I look forward to your ongoing support as I not only find my own light but reveal it to others.

20. Every day say thank you.
21. Every day seek the support of others. You are not alone.
38. Every day be brave and give things a go. Use fear to trigger you into action.

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