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Message in a jar

1 January 2015

Dear whoever you are

For many months now my husband Lynsey has been asking me to write to you. He informed me that his wish for today, the first day of 2015, is that I write this letter so he can put it in a jar, together with the other letters written by our family members, and finish the wall that will be its home until you discover it. I felt compelled to grant his wish especially as he has been waiting so patiently for so long.

So, what do I say to you? What might you be interested to read?

This building has been the most wonderful home for us. Every day when we arrive home from work we greet our house by saying, “Hi house, we’re home. We’ve missed you.” Yes, we talk to our house and on the odd occasion it talks back to us – go figure that out! This is our ritual every time we park our car in front of the garage that Lynsey is currently in the process of transforming into an art studio. This ritual is a part of our heartfelt connection to this piece of land and the structure standing on it that houses us. From the minute we first walked into this house during an ‘Open Home’, we felt a connection. By later that same day we had made an offer to buy it. After quite a lot of negotiating our dream came true and the keys were handed over to us. From that day this house has been our home and we have worked extremely hard to pay for it and look after it.

We have created a beautiful life for ourselves, our family and friends here. There has been lots of laughter … and lots of tears. There has been lots of great cooking … and sharing of that food. There has been lots of successes … and some failures. The house has been full to the brim with people and on rare occasions I have managed to secure myself some alone time here.

This house feels like a pair of loving arms that have supported us through our lives for the whole time we have lived here. The house has even withstood some pretty major earthquakes – standing strong and proud, although the odd crack or two in the exterior walls are reminders of the energy behind those jolts.

This is our home – our haven from everything that lies beyond. It may not be flashy and modern but it is a home filled with love, our dreams, and people who cherish each moment of each and every day. We are blessed beyond belief and are so grateful for this little piece of paradise that we can call ours. This is a special place.

Since you have found this jar filled with letters I am assuming you are doing some renovations. I hope whatever you’re doing to this house enhances and enriches it further so she can continue to bring joy to others. This building deserves the utmost respect and huge quantities of love just as it has given to those that have lived here before you.

Wishing you a happy life here. All the best from us to you and your family,

Marica Sevelj

03. Every day is an opportunity to reflect on the past.
20. Every day say thank you.
49. Every day is a good day.

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