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The neighbour

A neighbour of ours died yesterday.

She lived next door. Down the street, on another block, in the next suburb, across town. In the next city over.

We were really close. Haven’t seen her for a day or two, maybe three weeks ago, couple of months, last year, went past on the night express about five years ago.

She was surrounded by our whole community, I think it was friends and family, maybe her nearest and dearest. A few people from the rest home, a foreign nurse aid who stole her last $10 to feed her own kids, four days after someone complained about a smell, blow flies, a rookie policeman broke through the window.

Gracefully, after her last meal made of her absolute favourites; gradually lost interest in everything. Died of thirst, alone and unable to move, trapped within two metres of the tap.

Every medical service was applied, a junior nurse noticed something at the end of a double shift, it wasn’t on the chart, I didn’t see it, it isn’t my job, it isn’t my responsibility.

15. Every day make a difference to yourself and others.
25. Every day your light shines for others to see.
26. Every day take action. Every small step counts.

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