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Three red cars

On my way to school I watch the cars going past the bus and remember their colours.

3 red cars in a row mean that it is going to be a Quite Good Day. 4 red cars mean that it is going to be a Good Day. 5 red cars mean that it is going to be a Super Good Day.” – Christopher John Francis Boone, in The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time, Mark Haddon (2004)

Walking back to our car this evening I had to conclude today had been a Quite Good Day. Marica and I managed to have lunch together – we try to have lunch together as often as possible as often it’s the only time of the day we can have a conversation without someone else feeling as though they need to be in our conversation too.

One of the plants I have on my desk had come on to flower. It was a pleasant surprise to have a little grove of flowers when I arrived at work today.

It was good to catch up with work friends and find out what crazy and fun things they’d done over the break, and most interesting was hearing about their goals and dreams for this coming year. Gossip. What went right, and what went wrong. What was funny, what was sad, and what was a little bit mad.

It’s all kind of small potatoes really, office trivia, not the kind of deep consequence we seem to think the world is made of. I’m very happy with that, and quite grateful too. I don’t believe the world is made of deep consequence, that’s merely the news media ploughing through one sensationalist headline after another. The end result of this media-splatter is we feel stressed, and that things are worse than they really are. The headlines are there to sell newspapers or broadcast media; and/or their advertisers’ messages.

Overall, I’m not that interested in the mainstream media’s attempt at news.

But three red cars in a row, followed up by two on my side of the road (yes, there was a second red car following but out of shot)? Now that’s exciting. A Super Good Day.

05. Every day is now. The present moment.
14. Every day the ordinary can be the extraordinary.
17. Every day look through a new lens.

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