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Random Acts of Kindness

It is my first week back at work after a Christmas and New Years holiday that went by far too quickly. The first few days of the week have been a struggle as my workload is still just as large as before I went away and I do not enjoy being so overwhelmed by work!

Today I walked into my office after being at an offsite meeting and I found a beautiful bouquet of flowers sitting on my desk. The only note attached read as follows:

The Lonely Bouquet
Adopt me. Please!
I’m all alone and looking for a new home…
Perhaps I can live with you or a loved one?

After a bit of asking around the office I discovered that one of my colleagues had been walking through the Civic Square on her way back to the office and came across the bunch of flowers sitting lonely on a bench in the Square with that note, asking to be adopted. So she picked up the bunch and decided to place them on my desk as she thought that they may help end my week on a happy note. She was right. They immediately made me smile and feel cared for.

This got me thinking about random acts of kindness and what an amazing concept that is. There is a movie, Pay It Forward, which deals with that concept of doing a good deed for someone but in return you get that person to do a good deed for someone else, and on it goes in a chain of random acts of kindness. The random acts can be as small or as big as you like, it is just about sharing the good feelings around. So, this random bunch of lonely flowers ending up on my desk with no expectations of a reciprocal gesture of goodwill has prompted me to do something good for someone else as a way of saying thank you to the universe for the good thing that happened to me.

I have decided that tomorrow I will go to my mum’s house while she is out and clean her house for her – do the washing, vacuum and so on (all the things that she struggles to find the time to do because of her busy job). I think she will appreciate coming home to a clean and tidy house.

It is amazing how a small act of kindness can change a bad day into a great one (for both the giver and the receiver).

08. Every day choose to bring about change.
11. Every day do something for someone else.
15. Every day make a difference to yourself and others.