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Testing times

These past few months have been challenging. Not that we’ve been unduly unwell or traumatised by war or any of those kinds of challenges, but rather we’ve been challenged by the more mundane grinding away at our day jobs. 

We all do this. Fight with the job or the boss or clients or the budget or the circumstances. Sometimes this is some noble activity and you win and it’s magnificent. Other times it’s some petty frenzy that’s best forgotten. In our case we’ve sacrificed an international  workshop we’d enrolled in, a conference we’d registered for, a wedding we’d been invited to, and countless dinners and coffee dates with families and friends all for a quixotic and chaotic bid to save an ailing community service organisation. 

Despite working late, night after night, and often in the weekends, our best efforts were in vain. We (and the very fine people we were working with) were shattered – sad and exhausted. 

There’s no feel-good, happy ending in this story, at least not yet. Maybe never – who knows?  Meanwhile, we’re not looking out at the city lights quite as much. We’re instead looking at more sane ways of working. 

02. Every day is an opportunity for a new beginning.
04. Every day is an opportunity to cultivate the promise of the future.
06. Every day you make choices.

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