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Holy of holies

I love the native pepper tree – kawakawa [Macropiper excelsum]. The heart shaped leaves are a welcome sight in our garden. The leaves are usually hole punched by the green Kawakawa Looper moth [Cleora scriptaria] caterpillars. The leaves can be used for healing purposes and, rather than being a disadvantage, the leaves with the most holes are considered the best with the strongest concentrations of active ingredients.

Apart from the fresh fragrance from the crushed leaves, I like to drink tea made from kawakawa with lemongrass and ginger. I use kawakawa infused oil in my massage work. Kawakawa is a depurative – it helps remove metabolic waste products from the body, and reduce inflammation.

14. Every day the ordinary can be the extraordinary.
29. Every day eat, drink, rest, work, exercise, play, love, create for your own good. And the good of others.
30. Every day use all your senses. Touch. Smell. Taste. Hear. See.

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