About Marica

I have been exploring the power of personal writing for many years. The bookshelves in our home are laden with books on this subject I have accumulated over the years. These same shelves are also home to many of my own journals. More recently I have been experimenting with the concept of creative journalling; using all sorts of mixed media techniques that may or may not involve the use of written words. I have also become fascinated by the concept of journalling using fabric and other sewing techniques, and have experimented a bit with this. As a part of this exploration I have been drawn into the world of photography. I consider myself on a huge learning curve in this regard and my mission has become to capture photos that tell a story by engaging with our emotions.

I believe in the huge potential available within each of us. So much lies dormant because we don’t allow ourselves to believe we can be more than we already are, or to imagine new possibilities. Basically for many of us we have denied the creativity that is a natural part of who we are, leaving it to lie dormant within us. Yet when we explore our creative potential we unlock something that is uniquely us and we can be transformed by it.

Throughout my life, I have been involved in facilitating learning in others and enabling the process of a person becoming who they want to be. From experience I have learned that reflection plays an important role in this transformation process. I work on the premise that there is no one ‘right’ way of reflecting; it has to be whatever works for the person concerned. For some it may be writing, for others it may be images, for someone else it may be talking. Each has their place. This is something I hope to research further.

I aspire to being authentic, to live a passion-filled life where my work flows out of me as a natural consequence of what I love doing.

Anyone who knows me will know that my family are very important to me. In particular, my children, Zofia, Damian, and Mira, inspire me in ways they will never know. I have travelled many paths over the years and for a good part of my life my choices have been driven out of love for my three incredible children. I want them to know the power of love, to have a purpose, to pursue their passions, and to live the life they want. I am endeavouring to do the same.

To find our more about Marica visit her other home on the web Marica’s Meanderings.

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