Our process

All our knowledge has its origin in our perceptions.
— Leonardo da Vinci

There is only one rule – every day commit to taking ‘seeing’ photos, choosing one photo that really speaks to you, writing about why you chose this photo to reflect your day, share it with others (we suggest publishing it in a blog) and dedicate 30 minutes every day to this process.

We make the photos as we go about our daily lives. Some are photos of moments. Others are taken on purpose. Others are delightful accidents. There’s always one image for us that is a clear winner – this is the one that tells us a story about us, our lives, and/or itself. The photo expresses an emotion which we connect with. It has meaning. It is so much more than just an image.

This process is all about dedicating time for you to reflect and really see, and live, your life. Participating in this process has the promise to transform how you see, what you see, and who you are. We are living examples of this.

Marica makes photos using her Canon 400D camera.

Lynsey makes his photos using his trusty Canon 500D or iPhone.

We’ve restricted the processing to being some colour correction, sharpening, and cropping, and nothing more than that. Ideally we want to make minimal changes to the images – a) because we’re determined to get the publishing done as soon as possible, and b) we want this creative act to be something that anyone can do.

So, how about it? How about you go make some photos and write about them. Let us know where so we can come and applaud a new journalista. You deserve to dedicate some time every day to you. You are worth it. If you try and it doesn’t work, try again. You can also become a fan on Facebook.

Every day is a Fresh New Day.

Every Day Believe You Can